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Highly sensitive ELISA kits for measurement of host cell proteins and process-related impurities.

Antigens, sample diluents, conjugate stabilizer/diluents, coating and wash buffers, and substrates for immunoassays.

Kits to easily and economically quantify viral clearance through the use of Mock Virus Particles (MVPs).

Outsource to the Experts in Bioprocess Impurity Analysis

  • Tap into our proven bioprocess impurity assay development technologies
  • Employ well-characterized assays to optimize purification process early in drug development
  • Assure regulatory compliance by using our state-of-the-art Antibody Affinity Extraction and Mass Spectrometry orthogonal methods
  • Secure long-term uninterrupted supply of critical reagents & kits

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Best Practices in Host Cell Protein Assay Qualification and Bridging to a New Assay

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