Custom Development Services

Scientists at Cygnus Technologies have many years of experience in developing immunochemical reagents and methods for analytical research and human and animal diagnostic applications.

Cygnus specializes and offers custom antibody and assay development services for host cell protein detection in recombinant biopharmaceuticals. Utilizing our proprietary technologies for the generation and affinity purification of sensitive and broadly reactive polyclonal antibodies, we have successfully developed ELISAs to more than fifty different recombinant expression systems, including bacteria, various yeasts, and human, mammalian cell lines as well as transgenic and plant expression systems.

Through our extensive networking with other high-quality special technology companies, we can integrate and manage projects requiring highly diverse technical inputs.

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Our Custom Development Services

Proven antibody generation and purification technologies to help you develop, qualify, and manufacture a robust kit to meet your specific process, testing, and regulatory needs.

Development of poly- or monoclonal antibodies - includes immunogen synthesis and conjugation, as well as identification and synthesis of peptide antigens.

Comprehensive qualification of your in-house assays or generic kits with state-of-the-art orthogonal methods (AAE, mass spectrometry, western blotting) to meet global regulatory requirements.

Sample testing by ELISA and other orthogonal methods for host cell proteins that might co-purify with your product.

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lf you have questions or would like a quote, a Cygnus Technologies expert is happy to help!

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