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Tap into our proven antibody generation and purification technologies.

Cygnus Technologies will work with you to develop, qualify, and manufacture a robust kit that meets your specific process monitoring, release testing, and regulatory needs.

We provide comprehensive qualification of your custom assay to meet global regulatory requirements, as well as state-of-the-art orthogonal methods, including our advanced antibody affinity extraction method and mass spectrometry methods. 

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Antibody Production / Assay Development

Utilizing proprietary technologies for the generation and affinity purification of sensitive and broadly reactive polyclonal antibodies, Cygnus has developed ELISAs to more than 50 different recombinant expression systems, including those from bacteria, yeast, human and mammalian cell lines, as well as transgenic and plant expression systems. Our menu of purification leachate ELISAs includes most natural and recombinant Protein A ligands. Tap into our Mix-N-Go™ platform, which incorporates the revolutionary single-step sample treatment procedure, and develop a Protein A ELISA kit specific to your Protein A or other affinity ligand constructs.

Custom DNA Assay Development

Use our proprietary DNA extraction method to recover <1pg/ml residual DNA free from contaminating proteins, salts, and detergents. Contact us to help you develop a robust and reproducible DNA detection or amplification assay.

Generic vs. Process-Specific HCP ELISA

Considering development of a process-specific HCP immunoassay? An HCP assay, regardless of the terminology used to describe it, should be comprehensively qualified to show it is fit for purpose of monitoring host cell protein clearance and lot release testing. Learn about process-specific and generic HCP assays and how to qualify and HCP assay for your specific process. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is optimal, Process-Specific versus Generic/Platform/Multi-Use HCP Assays?

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lf you have questions or would like a quote, a Cygnus Technologies expert is happy to help!

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