Use these highly sensitive ELISA kits to detect and measure host cell proteins and bioprocess impurities.
The kits feature:

  • 96-well removable strip microplate format - use only as many wells as you need at any one time
  • All the ready-to-use materials you need, including calibrated standards, antibody-coated microplates, conjugate, substrate, and wash buffer
  • Excellent precision of <10% CVs - be sure your results are consistent and dependable
  • Minimal sample matrix interference from most bioprocess streams.

Explore ELISA Kits

Multiple ELISA kit options for the sensitive detection of Protein A. (First time evaluators of Protein A detection methods are encouraged to evaluate the F600 and F610 Mix-N-Go™ kits.)

Highly sensitive and reliable ELISA kits for the specific detection of process-related impurities, such as culture media components.

ELISA Kits for sensitive detection and quantification of immunoglobulins in a variety of sample types.