Anti-Host Cell Protein Antibodies

The host cells used for recombinant expression contain hundreds to thousands of host cell proteins (HCPs) that can contaminate biopharmaceutical products. Because residual HCPs can reduce drug efficacy or lead to adverse patient reactions, regulations require reduction of HCPs to the lowest levels possible.

Use an anti-HCP antibody as the key tool for developing broadly reactive or "generic" assays for detecting HCPs in process development and quality control. Then rely on the experience of Cygnus to help you develop custom, process-specific antibodies later, as needed.

The suffix of each product name indicates the type of antibody:

-AF is affinity-purified

-AF-AP is affinity-purified and alkaline phosphatase labeled

-AF-B is affinity-purified and biotinylated

-AF-HRP is affinity-purified and HRP-labeled

Explore Anti-Host Cell Protein Antibodies

Antibodies against host cell proteins from CHO, A549, BHK, CAP®, HEK 293, HeLa, MDCK, MRC5, NS/0, PER.C6®, SP2/0, and Vero cell lines.

Antibodies against host cell proteins from P. pastoris and S. cerevisiae.

Antibodies against bacterial host cell proteins, including those from E. coli, L. lactis, P. fluoerescens, and S. aureus strains.

Antibodies against Sf9 host cell proteins.