CHO HCP Simple Plex Assay, 3G-1 (SPCKB-OT-003714)

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SPCKB-OT-003714 1 kit


The CHO HCP Simple Plex Assay, 3G-1 is based on the same antibodies currently used in the Cygnus CHO HCP ELISA Kit, 3G (F550-1). Bio-Techne Corporation and Cygnus Technologies partnered to automate our CHO HCP ELISA, 3G on the ProteinSimple™-branded Ella™ immunoassay platform. Ella reduces the manual operation of an immunoassay to simply diluting samples and adding them to a cartridge. With plate preparation and run time of just 90 minutes, Ella allows you process 72 samples faster. This reduction in manual steps also allows the CHO HCP Simple Plex Assay, 3G to provide a high level of reproducibility with a method that is fast and easy to transfer. The Simple Plex assay has an LOD of 0.12 ng/ml, LLOQ of 0.41ng/ml and ULOQ of 625 ng/ml. Each 72 x 1 cartridge is supplied with the Sample Diluent and the Wash Buffer.

Use Simple Plex CHO HCP Antigen Concentrate or Simple Plex CHO HCP Controls with this assay.

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2°C to 8°C
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Chinese hamster

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