Immunogenicity Analysis

Drug immunogenicity may generate significant hypersensitivity reactions that may progress to the development of auto-antibodies to the patient's natural version of that protein.

Use our well-characterized immunospecific reagents to:

  • Investigate baseline or pretherapy immune response
  • Detect post-therapy titer increases
  • Screen for neutralizing antibodies
  • Correlate antibody titer to response to therapy
  • Map epitopes of the immunogenic portion of a drug
  • Distinguish between immunogenicity of a therapeutic drug and the natural form of the protein
  • Distinguish between immune response to a drug and process contaminants, such as host cell proteins
  • Isotype and subtype antibodies involved in the immunogenic response

Explore Immunogenicity Analysis

Human IgG screening kits for sensitive, specific, and reproducible monitoring to investigate immune response to protein therapeutics or contaminant bioprocess impurities.

Robust immunoassay reagents for optimizing your custom immunogenicity analysis methods.