MockV® MVM Kit (M219)

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Minute Virus of Mice (MVM) is a model parvovirus used commonly as an international regulatory standard for biopharmaceutical process validation. MockV® non-infectious virus-like particles mimic the physicochemical properties of live infectious viruses used as spiking agents during clearance testing. The MockV MVM Kit contains stock solution of virus- like particles of Murine Virus of Mice (MVM) and all reagents for Immuno-QPCR analysis.


Dyer R, Song Y, Chen J, et al. Mechanistic insights into viral clearance during the chromatography steps in antibody processes by using virus surrogates. Biotechnol Progress. 2020;36:e3057.

Modeling Virus Clearance: Use of a Noninfectious Surrogate of Mouse Minute Virus as a Tool for Evaluating an Anion-Exchange Chromatography Method

Monoclonal Antibody Aggregate Polish and Viral Clearance Using Hydrophobic-Interaction Chromatography

Use of a Noninfectious Surrogate to Predict Minute Virus of Mice Removal During Nanofiltration

Characterization of Non-Infectious Virus-Like Particle Surrogates for Viral Clearance Applications

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