DNA Extraction Kit in Wells (D100W)

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D100W 1 kit


This DNA extraction is performed in a 96 deep-well plate, a convenient high-throughput format that allows you to process up to 96 samples or multiple plates in the same run. Use multichannel pipettors to increase efficiency and decrease repetitive handling while minimizing mistakes associated with handling individual tubes. The proprietary co-precipitating reagent used in the kit keeps the pellet seated in the well and does not interfere with qPCR. Also, since the kit does not use iodine or glycogen, your clothes will be stain-free! Each kit has reagent sufficient for 96 individual extractions in less than 2 hours.

Product Information

Product Type:
DNA Extraction Kit
Kit Format:
In 96 Well Plate
Detection Method:
All kit reagents 2°C to 8°C

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