KANEKA KanCapA™ 3G Protein A Mix-N-Go™ (F950)

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F950 1 kit


This kit is designed to quantify the recombinant Protein A ligand using the KANEKA KanCapA™ 3G chromatographic resin. It features an assay protocol that eliminates sample boiling and the subsequent centrifugation step, thereby reducing assay time by more than 1 hour. This assay provides a simple to use, precise, and highly sensitive method to detect KANEKA KanCapA™ 3G Protein A impurity to 100 pg/mL levels in the presence of up to mg/mL quantities of humanized monoclonal antibodies. As such, this kit can be used as a tool to aid in optimal purification process development and in routine quality control of in-process streams as well as final product. For additional information regarding the KANEKA KanCapA™ 3G protein A ligand, please contact http://www.bioseparation.kaneka.com/kancap-a-3g.html

Please use Sample Diluent, Item No. I600, with these kits; also included in the kit.

Product Information

Product Type:
All kit reagents 2°C to 8°C
Assay format:
96 Well Plate
Time to result:
~1 hr. 45 min
~20 pg/mL
~0.16 ng/mL
Recommended Diluent:

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