E. coli Host Cell DNA Detection Kit in Tubes (D410T)

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D410T 1 kit


This method utilizes a 2 ml microfuge tube format to measure residual E. coli host cell DNA. The kit includes our proprietary extraction procedure, which isolates residual DNA without the use of iodine or glycogen.The superior co-precipitating reagents do not interfere with qPCR and ensure that pellets do not become dislodged during the extraction procedure. This eliminates the need to centrifuge samples again as well as the need to retest or repeat a run. Cell line-specific E. coli DNA calibrators are included, and upon completion of extraction, samples are reacted with PicoGreen® solution. Time to completion is under 2 hours. Each kit supplies enough reagent for the analysis of 50 samples in duplicate.

Product Information

Product Type:
DNA Detection Kit
Kit Format:
In Tubes
Detection Method:
All kit reagents 2°C to 8°C
Target Expression System:
E. coli
Species Group:
E. coli

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