E. coli HCP Control Set (F410-C)

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F410-C 1 set


The Cygnus Technologies E. coli HCP Control Set is designed to serve as a control for the F410 E. coli HCP ELISA Kit. It should be utilized with the F410 E. coli HCP ELISA Kit and its associated protocol. It can also be used to trend the performance of the assay over time. The E. coli HCP Control Set (1 ml x 2) consists of two controls provided at low (5 ng/ml) and high (75 ng/ml) concentrations. Please refer to the associated Certificate of Analysis (C of A) for example data of how the assay performs in the labs at Cygnus Technologies.

Product Information

Product Type:
5 ng/ml and 75 ng/ml
Contains BSA:
Target Expression System:
E. coli
Species Group:
E. coli

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