RVLP Stock Solution (M231-1)

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M231-1 2 ml


MockV® RVLP Stock Solution provides highly purified and concentrated RVLP for downstream spiking studies.  This component is also available through the MockV® RVLP Kit (M230).  Each vial of MockV® RVLP Stock Solution includes 2.0 mL of RVLP at a concentration of 1 x 1010 RVLP/mL, sufficient for spiking up to 200 mL of load material to 1% (v/v). When used in conjunction with the MockV® RVLP Kit (M230) or the MockV® RNA Extraction Kit (M100) and MockV® RVLP qPCR Kit (M105), scientists can detect as little as 1 x 103 RVLP/mL, enabling an LRV of ~ 5.0 to be determined.   Compatible purification steps include Protein A chromatography, virus filtration, anion and cation exchange chromatography, mixed-mode, hydrophobic-interaction and size- exclusion chromatography.  MockV® RVLP Stock Solution achieves LRV accuracy to within ± 0.5 for these modes of separation as compared to traditional viral clearance studies with XMuLV model virus

Now, through the use of Cygnus’ MockV® BSL-1 compatible viral clearance kits, you can easily and economically quantify viral clearance for downstream process steps in your own lab, on your own timeline.

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Viral Clearance Kit
2°C to 8°C

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