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Pichia pastoris 2nd Generation HCP ELISA kit

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Pichia pastoris 2nd Generation HCP ELISA kit

Our original F140 kit, has a very broad reactivity to peptide epitopes and in addition, also has a small population of antibodies that recognize Pichia glycosylation epitopes. In cases where the recombinant protein product is also glycosylated, there is potential for some cross reactivity that can result in either an over-estimation of true HCP or indeterminate HCP concentrations, due to the lack of sample dilutional linearity.

The antibody used in this 2nd Generation kit is the same polyclonal antibody that is used in the F140 kit, except that it has been subjected to an additional affinity adsorption step to remove antibodies to glycosylation epitopes and is much more specific than the F140, Pichia pastoris HCP ELISA kit.

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F640 1 kit $690.00