NS/0 Host Cell DNA Detection Kit in Wells (D220W)

This product has been discontinued.

We have discontinued this product permanently. The NS/0 DNA Concentrate D222-1 is still available. Please contact [email protected] should you have any questions or require further assistance.
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D220W 1 kit


This high-throughput method measures residual NS/0 host cell DNA with our proprietary extraction procedure, which does not use iodine or glycogen. Cell line-specific NS/0 DNA calibrators are included, and upon completion of the extraction, the samples are reacted with PicoGreen® solution. Time to completion is under 2 hours for multiple samples and multiple deep-well plates. Each kit supplies enough reagents for the analysis of 96 samples.

Product Information

Product Type:
DNA Detection Kit
Kit Format:
In 96 Well Plate
Detection Method:
All kit reagents 2°C to 8°C
Target Expression System:
Species Group:

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