MockV® RNA Extraction Kit (M100)

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M100 1 kit


The MockV® RNA Extraction Kit (M100) provides additional RNA Extraction components for RT-qPCR analysis of RVLP. These reagents are the same as those provided in the MockV® RVLP Kit (M230). Each MockV® RNA Extraction Kit includes a 96-well deep plate and all reagents to process RVLP samples and purify RNA from RVLP. Each kit provides sufficient reagents to extract RNA from 23 samples in triplicate. When used in conjunction with the MockV® RVLP Kit (M230), or the RVLP Stock Solution (M231-1) and MockV® RVLP qPCR Kit (M105), scientists can detect as little as 1 x 103 RVLP/mL, enabling an LRV of ~ 5.0 to be determined

Product Information

Product Type:
Viral Clearance Kit
Endonuclease at -20°C, Deep Well Extraction Plate at room temperature, all other reagents at 4°C
Assay format:
96 Well Plate

Kit Components

Endonuclease Buffer
RVLP Processing Buffer
Proteinase K
RNA Extraction Buffer
RNA Precipitation Buffer
RNA Wash Buffer
RNA Reconstitution Buffer
Deep Well Extraction Plate with Mat

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