Protein A ELISA Kits

Cygnus Technologies offers a selection of ELISA kits for Protein A detection:

  • Use our original kits (F050 and F050H) to detect both natural and structurally conserved recombinant Protein A.
  • Use kits F400 and F400Z to detect unnatural recombinant constructs of Protein A, such as GE Healthcare’s MabSelect SuRe™ ligand.
  • Use the Mix-N-Go™ kits (F600 and F610) to eliminate heating and centrifugation steps and detect natural and conserved Protein A or unnatural constructs such as MabSelect SuReTM, respectively.

(First-time evaluators of Protein A ELISA detection methods are encouraged to evaluate the F600 and F610 Mix-N-Go™ kits.)

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